Bettie Page: Aphrodite Rising

Bettie Page: Aphrodite Rising

The Queen of Pinups Gets a Little Help From the Goddess of Love and Sex

The Woman

Bettie Page, coming of age during The Great Depression, is determined to escape poverty and live a life of adventure.

The Goddess

Aphrodite, watching the U.S. from Mt. Olympus, decides to help the nation fling off its Puritanism by bringing them the gift of sexual freedom.

Working Together

The goddess spies Bettie Page, a beautiful, restless young woman with “girl next door” charm and big dreams of independence. Following the rules set down by Zeus, Aphrodite inhabits Bettie to help them achieve their goals. With the Goddess whispering in her ear, she seduces the cameras and becomes America’s most iconic pinup model. But, can Aphrodite give Bettie the strength to resist the shaming forces of society or will both Aphrodite and Bettie be defeated by the conservative zeitgeist of the midcentury?