Bettie Page: Aphrodite Rising

The Woman

Bettie Page, coming of age during The Great Depression, is determined to escape poverty and live a life of adventure.

The Goddess

Aphrodite, watching the U.S. from Mt. Olympus, decides to help the…

Young Adult (YA) Nonfiction and teacher resources, like Retro Report, make learning Cold War history painless.

Image of nuclear weapon explosion and Fallout book cover.
Fallout: Spies, Superbombs, and the Ultimate Cold War Showdown, by Steve Sheinkin, is riveting, concise and packed with facts about the Cold War and the Nuclear Arms Race.

Why spend time learning about the Cold War? The headlines give us reason enough. Russia masses troops and threatens Ukraine. Russian troops put down protests in Kazakhstan.

The threat of nuclear weapons has all but disappeared from the news, but not from world arsenals. …

Palm Springs and Idyllwild Geography Named After an Evil Shaman

Tahquitz Canyon and Tahquitz Rock
Tahquitz Canyon, Palm Springs and Tahquitz Rock, Idyllwild are named after an evil shaman. (KimberlyUs)

In Palm Springs, hikers can explore Tahquitz Canyon on a two mile loop trail that leads to a waterfall. In Idyllwild, rock climbers can challenge themselves on Tahquitz Rock, which is also called Lily Rock.

The names of both geographical features are explained in the legend of Tahquitz, the evil…

Thanksgiving with the Three Sisters: Corn, Beans and Squash

The Three Sisters: Corn, Beans and Squash. (Painting by Colette Ussery)

This Thanksgiving, weave Native American stories, recipes and crafts about the Three Sisters into the festivities. The Three Sisters are the crops of corn, squash and beans traditionally grown together in mounds by North American indigenous people.

“The plants were thought to be watched over by the three sister spirits…

Stingy Jack and the Devil Create the First Jack-o-Lantern

The First Jack-o-Lantern belonged to Stingy Jack. (KimberlyUs)

The devil lay in bed watching the flickering flames of Hell.

His toady, Lickspittle, hopped up. “Sir…Master?” The devil slid a languid glance his way and flicked a piece of ash off his finger. “Stingy Jack is bragging again, Sir.”

“What?” the devil sat up, his cloven hooves sparked as…

Max Factor Makeup and the Hollywood Museum

The Hollywood Museum has memorabilia from every movie genre. (KimberlyUs)

Visit the Hollywood Museum and immerse yourself in the glamour of the movies and the rich history of the film industry. Photos, posters, costumes and memorabilia from every film genre are on display.

Hollywood Museum in the Max Factor Makeup Factory

Not Just for Country Fans–Music City is for Everyone

Guitar player in open window, neon signs on Broadway St., Nashville, TN
Gabe Burdulis from Holy Lightening plays in front of window at Lucky Bastard on Broadway Street in Nashville, TN. (KimberlyUs)

Nashville bills itself as Music City and it lives up to its name. I went in the summer and fell in love with Nashville–the architecture, the history and the music. There are many music-themed things to do in Nashville, Tennessee.

If you love live music, Nashville outplays New Orleans, Las…

Frist Art Museum and the Davidson County Courthouse

Pendant lights and decorative ceilings
Pendant lights and decorative ceilings are always found in the lobbies of WPA moderne buildings. Nashville P.O. and Davidson Country CH (KimberlyUs)

You might be in Nashville for the music, but take time to walk around and appreciate the architecture.

The interiors of both the Frist Art Museum and the Davidson County Court House are decorated in Art Deco. The exterior architecture is called WPA moderne. …

In 1920, Tennessee Gave American Women the Vote

Banner from Suffrage Movement of the 1910s. Yellow is the color of the American suffragettes and Purple references the English movement. (KimberlyUs)

On your retro road trip to Tennessee, be sure and visit the landmarks that celebrate suffragettes and the centennial of women winning the vote. Tennessee played a key role in the ratification of the 19th Amendment, also called the Susan B. Anthony Amendment.

The Susan B. Anthony Amendment, which would…

Kimberly Us

Kimberly is a writer, teacher, speaker. She writes about mythology, nature, and bold women who drove social change in midcentury America

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